Asset Allocation & Investment Advice

We believe that asset allocation is the cornerstone of long-term value creation.

We have an opportunistic investment approach and only invest when the situation calls for it: we do not have a predefined allocation model.

We provide a broad range of asset management services, including asset allocation, investment strategy, financial asset management, and reporting.

Asset Allocation

In the current environment of severe and lasting financial repression, generating returns without taking inappropriate levels of risks is becoming increasingly challenging. A rigorous and professional asset allocation process

that takes into account all the potential risks (including market, credit, counterparty, operational and liquidity risks) is more critical than ever.

The long term performance of investment portfolios is principally driven by asset allocation, which plays an even greater role than investment selection.

Massena focuses on setting the most suitable strategic asset allocation, based on our global macroeconomic views and taking into account the investment objectives and risk tolerance of our clients.

Seeking higher returns requires accepting tradeoffs, often in the form of heightened volatility and/or reduced liquidity.

Massena, as a sophisticated investor with a long term horizon, has the required expertise and experience to take advantage of volatility (in public markets) and of reduced liquidity (in private markets) to deliver superior returns, while minimizing risks.

Listed Assets / Hedge funds

Investment portfolios are constructed according to the predetermined asset allocation, through a combination of direct stocks/bonds ownership, actively managed accounts, and passive products such as index trackers and ETFs. We evaluate, rank and select the best available options and managers to develop our target exposure to selected assets classes, industries and geographies, with a constant focus on liquidity and minimizing costs.

  • Listed traditional assets: : equities (European and international), bonds (from government bonds to high yield notes)
  • Hedge funds: access to the industry’s best-in-class active managers across various strategies (Long Short, Global Macro, Arbitrage, etc.)
  • Commodities: gold (physical or paper), gold mining stocks, oil, etc.;
  • Structured investments : basket of securitized assets, basket of perpetual bonds, reinsurance strategies, etc.
  • Structured products such as auto callable notes, reverse convertibles, with a careful selection of the underlying companies and a strong focus on the quality of the issuer.

Private Equity & Real Estate

Since 1989, Massena has achieved an unparalleled diversity of geographical and industrial deal flow, and through this experience, a unique advantage in benchmarking the merits of each investment opportunity.

Massena has a flexible mandate, allowing our team to adjust to changing market circumstances and to seize opportunities across different industries and geographies.

In the current environment characterized by high valuations across all asset classes, we seek to identify and invest in established market leaders, within industries with limited regulatory or technological risks.

We systematically turn down transactions whose entry price is, in our opinion, either excessive or unwarranted by the underlying business fundamentals. We always factor in some multiple contraction when underwriting our expected returns.

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