About Massena

Asset Management and Investment Consulting Company

Massena is exclusively dedicated to private investors (family offices and family groups) and advises clients on their investment strategies and choices
The company is active across a variety of asset classes including Private Equity, Real Estate, Farmlands, Hedge Funds and traditional listed assets
Massena Partners is an asset management company registered in Luxembourg (CSSF) with a branch in Paris

Key figures

More than €2 billion under management for approximately one hundred families
5 partners
20 employees


Private shareholding structure: the capital is wholly owned by the Group’s partners


Since it was founded in 1997, Massena has demonstrated its capacity to create long-term value for the investors we advise. We have a solid reputation in asset allocation and have gained recognised expertise in selecting talented managers, by adopting an open architecture since the beginning.

The contribution of unlisted assets has enabled us to build a first-rate track record over the past twenty years. In a context of extremely low interest rates and volatile financial markets, this unlisted investment strategy is particularly relevant and has delivered solid, long-term performances for our clients.

As we operate in a mature competitive environment, we like challenges. At Massena, we therefore focus our efforts on researching new investments, new promising sectors and new technologies.

We are also highly engaged in constantly improving the information we communicate to our clients, which must be concise, precise and accurate.

Our business

One business: long-term investment

We have only one business: long-term investment.

And one goal: creating value for our clients.

We deploy our strategy:

  • Either by selecting the top “talent” in all the listed asset classes (stock, bonds, etc.) we have selected for our clients;
  • Or through a diversified programme of unlisted investments (Private Equity, Real Estate, Debt, etc.).

In addition to these fundamental long-term investments, we apply an opportunistic and tactical investment policy.

The success of an investment hinges not only on a clear vision of macro-economic developments but also on an investment universe as broad and diversified as possible. The right investment can only be selected by applying a strict methodology and rigorous processes.

For clients who so wish, Massena also provides the following services:

  • Consolidated wealth reporting;
  • Supervision of client-appointed asset managers.

Our values and our differences

Our Values

Professionalism and excellence

Our teams boast extensive experience in financial markets; they are constantly in search of innovative, high-performance solutions; we apply full transparency in the information we communicate to our clients and strive at all times to achieve excellence in the standard and bespoke services we provide.


The capital is wholly owned by the partners. Massena Partners has no ties with any financial group.
Our investment philosophy is centred on defending our clients’ interests rather than on selling financial products; we select the best investment opportunities completely independently, i.e. in a fully open architecture, while endeavouring to prevent any conflicts of interest with our clients.


Alignment of interests

Our partners and management teams significantly invest their own money alongside that of our clients.


Massena Partners makes every effort to deserve and retain the trust of its clients by observing the utmost confidentiality and discretion in order to safeguard the privacy and security of clients.


Our conditions of payment are totally transparent and avoid all conflicts of interest.
All “quantity discounts” or retrocessions we receive from asset management companies are therefore transferred in full to our clients.

Our differences

We don’t like:

  • Financial market volatility;
  • Trends and crazes;
  • Investments we do not understand;
  • The burdensome administrative processes of major banks;
  • “Passive” management which replicates indices and results in inappropriate allocation of capital.

We do like:

  • The risk/return concept;
  • Challenging the status quo;
  • Complex investments with barriers to entry for investors;
  • Entrepreneurial success stories;
  • Legal security in the structuring of our investments;
  • Stable asset management teams.